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Lucky Plant-Money Plant The Jade Pothos 黄金葛


This easy to grow house and office plant have multiple names, both scientific and common. The common names it goes is money, hint it is one of the most favorited Fengshui plant by Fengshui master. Some of other names are Devil’s Ivy, Golden Pothos, Ivy Arum, Silver Vine and Taro Vine etc. This plant is that Dr Wolverton ranks it as one of the best house plants to clean the air.
There are a few of cultivars of this ever green plant. The most popular is the Jade Pothos. It is for those who do not like the variegated leaves, but prefer a solid, softer green. This is what the other varieties will tend to look like if they aren’t given enough light to maintain their variegation.

White ceramic container pot may vary.

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