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1. Essence of Chicken 6 bottles, Hala (Brands or New Moon)
Ingredients: Essence of Chicken (99.68%), Caramel (Natural Source) (0.32%)
2. Polleney Essences Of Black Fish+American Ginseng (6S) 70G.

3. Brand’s Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar (6 Bottles) 68ML (Or New Moon Bird’s Nest)
Ingredients: Bird’s Nest, Rock Sugar and Stabiliser

4. Yomeishu Health Tonic (700ml)

Item 1-3 Storage: Once bottle is opened, contents should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.
Preparation Info: May be consumed straight from the bottle at room temperature, chilled or warmed according to one’s preference

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Chicken Essence, Fish Essence, Yomeishu, Bird's Nest


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