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Ginseng Ficus Bonsai For Starter 人参榕


Give a gift that keep growing. Bonsai is the best plant gift, and this Ginseng Ficus is a low-maintenance, most easy to care of bonsai that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It does not need much attention, Water it once or twice a week at most.
This mini bonsai is about 15-20 cm height, potted in a black ceramic container to be delivered.

Live plants bonsai, Shape of the plants may vary.

In one-two weeks time after you receive your bonsai, Some leaves may fall off or turn yellow naturally due to changes in the amount of light, or the watering schedule etc. Dont worry, most Ginseng Ficus bonsais will adjust to their new environment within one or two weeks, new leaves will grow.

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